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of a french company in the united states, the great artist had its head in [inaudible] that was in los angeles a couple of days ago, will be in berkeley tomorrow and then after that in new york of course, so there you are, that is how we are civilized together, how we are human beings that try to push ahead san francisco, paris, two cities that are destined to understand everything and do the maximum understanding because san francisco and paris believe in progress, know that it's difficult that progress of a factor of human development, we don't want to forget anybody, we want to shoulder each other, help each other so that the two cities, san francisco and paris be the most attractive cities in the world but also the most smiling cities in the world, the most -- the cities that are worth your affection and that express to the rest of the world their taste of friendship, fraternity, friendship and for that we have to be together, we have to wan -- want to draoe yait toing and we want to make sure that this memorandum of understanding, this understanding between paris and san francisco be a
. these are various projects. los angeles storm drain system. they raised the dam. your water is a product of pw a. they built the sacramento water reservoir. the fans were so well built that in fact, they are still in use. the engineers said we have to replace a ball bearing. we of course, have neglected our infrainstruct our and it's rated to be a d and dropping. so if you don't pay your taxes, things do fall down. much of it is things that were built during the new deal. fortunately, they built them very well. so the stuff was really built to last. but, if you don't have taxes to run a state. i expect we will see more of that stuff. i will give you a brief tour that we take for granted. the commitment to public education in all its manifestations. public schools from kindergarten to higher education. there are thousand of new deal schools built within less than ten years. many have art work in or on them. this is berkeley high school. you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. the schools are always telling you that public education can make you better. it should be free. now,
stream here, oklahoma city on the warmer side. 22 degrees. los angeles in the 20s. houston warmer there at 29. staying above average here across the eastern seaboards. in the northern reaches, the pen pens, the british isles will look at unsettled and cool weather. very sunny and warm across central portions, vienna 17, berlin 20, rome 27 degrees. however, the unstable conditions will be prevailing across the berrian peninsula. additional precipitation could trigger mudslides. hail and gusts are possible as well and the temperatures are cooling down. madrid only looking at 17 degrees. here is our extended forecast. >>> we'll be back with more updates in 30 minutes. from all of us here at nhk world thanks for joining us. have a great day wherever you are. >> hello, evod
spears and her family for breech of contract and 15% of her upperrings during 2007 and 2008. in the los angeles county court today he said amfedimen use was well documented. >>> getting a lot of love, the message, hardy swimmers hope to deliver it while braving bay area watersism fall weather is tkpaoeupbly finally on itsway. (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> swimmers went womenning in the bay waters, the swimming with shark -- went swimming in the bay waters, the swimmers, swimming with sharks, went to alcatraz and back. one third of open ocean sharks are threatened with extinction. >>> our meteorologist mark tomayo is here, we talked about changes today. >> yes. a big drop off in the temperatures. the neighborhoods cooled off 10 tow 20 degrees from yesterday's highs. we have bigger changes, just in time for your weekend and beyond. here you ca
presentaron hoy una demanda colectiva contra el departamento de alguacil del condado de los angeles por supuestas injusticias contra inmigrantes indocumentados detenidos. ---carlos botifoll nos tiene el informe. 0:01 0:11 0:37 1:21 1:30 1:43 take pkg roll open --si usted quiere ser parte del proceso democrtico de este pais en las proximas elecciones de noviembre, tiene hasta el proximo lunes que es el ultimo dia para empadronarse. take vo ---la ventaja es que ahora puede realizar todo el tramite desde la comodidad de su hogar en su computadora. ---desde que la secretara de elecciones abriera el registro en linea, mas de medio millon de californianos han optado por empadronarse por internet. ---usted puede hacerlo yendo a la pagina www. register to vote .ca .gov top fs ---ahora repasemos la proposicion estatal 39... --la cual exige a las empresas establecidas en varios estados que paguen impuestos sobre ingresos basándose en el porcentaje de sus ventas en california. destina ademas ingresos durante 5 años para proyectos de energía limpia/eficiente. take gráfica # 2: un voto a favor s
happened. i think jerry west is responsible as a great player and architect of all the los angeles lakers' championship teams and a member of our executive board involved in every player-personnel decision that the warriors make it. we purchased a dame last week that played in bismarck, north dakota and this december that team will began play in santa clara was the santa clara warriors in the new arena that we're constructing in santa clara. we hired mark jackson as the coach. but this is not about waiting five years for a great new arena to become a great franchise. we are heavily investing in both the team and the fan #kg:íw experience now. this summer there has been more investment about $11 million in oracle arena than there has been any other time since the major renovation in 1999. and one thing i would probably not expect you to recognize on that slide is a 7' center, which usually doesn't go along with the warriors. andru gagot, one the top centers in the nba will begin play for the warriors in about a month from now. part of the fan experience is in the arena, warriors fans as y
competed for the retired shuttles. the shuttle atlantis went to the kennedy space center in florida, los angeles won the endeavour, the shuttle discovery is now on display in washington, d.c., and the enterprise traveled in grand style to new york city. how did it get its name? >> enterprise was originally supposed to be called constitution, but fans of the television show "star trek" wrote in to president gerald ford petitioning him to change the name of the shuttle to enterprise, and president ford agreed, and so the shuttle was named enterprise. >> the pavilion is filled with lots of interesting things to see, and there's more to come. the intrepid museum is raising money to create an even more spectacular exhibit... >> and we hope inspire future generations of astronauts and engineers and scientists. >> no doubt about it. this is one piece of american history that's truly out of this world. for "tkn," i'm brandon. beam me up, scotty. >> the future is being invented by the teens of today. alexa reports on the winners of a major nationwide competition. this report is brought to you by
to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> "bbc newsnight" was presented by kcet, los angeles.
tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley. tonight, a conversation with michael chiklis, the former star of "the shield," who is once again finding success on primetime with a cop drama called "vegas." it debuted as number one -- as the number one new fall series. a conversation with michael chiklis coming up right now. >> there is a saying that dr. king had that said there is always the right time to do the right thing. i just try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only halfway to completely eliminate hunger, and we have a lot of work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: pleased to welcome michael chiklis back to this program. the star of "the shield" is back in prime time with tv's most- watched new show, "vegas." the show airs tuesday night at 10:00 on cbs. here is a scene. >> i tailored every last detail. my best room, my best boost -- booze. they let you win. that
to million-doar contract. number two. from los angeles signed a contract this year at ending 40 million over 10 years. number one. biggest contract goes to alex rodriguez. 10 year contract worth $275 million. the yankees still o 114 million. he went three/25 in postseason. in 2001 he signetoday $52 million contract with fed texas rangers. he was traded eight years ago. i should have been a baseball player. by a millions of dollars are spent on flt screen tvs and waterfalls. the president and romney tried to include women voters. are they being pandered? ann coulter tells us ext.@ ♪ gerri: 30 times often the word women was said during the debate. both candidates are out trying to get the women's te but it sounds like pandering. ann coulter author of mud to i want to start with the view a controversial interview. >> when he was governor he was pro-choice and now is againsabortions except in the life of the mother. what are your views? >> talking to the mother's of children who are coming home from bags. >> when you face the mothers whose children who have not comeback how will you explain to
. >>> in the age of gps and google maps, using paper is passe. the los angeles public library is deluged with maps for southern california man found tens of thousands them while going through a house that's about to be demolished. we have the story from a sister station in l.a. >> it's tough to find the cottage john feathers lives in on this mt. washington road. you might even call it off the map. ironic, says the man who visited there. >> i was stunned what i saw. >> as the map archivist, glenn was called in by a realtor working for feathers' family. the realtor needed to clear out what feathers amassed over a lifetime. >> this is 500 times bigger than i thought was possible. >> just a little more than 900 square feet. feathers had stashed maps. >> these are in perfect condition. >> tens of thousands of maps. >> there's the thames. >> from europe to the united states to the streets of los angeles. all over the world. and from hundreds of years ago. >> i think that this gift will probably help generations, literally generations of people. >> long before your gps device. >> the maps are actually ki
to contact them immediately. >>> a gunman attacking a fam fam near los angeles killing a father and four year old son. this happened in the city of englewood at that hour two of the children from that home who survived are hospitalized in critical condition. a woman said to be their mother is treated for multiple gunshots wounds as well. it is believed that the suspect set his own home on fire before going on a shooting rampage. it was so intense they are trying to determine if the gunman died in the flames or left the scene. the neighbor told the los angeles times that the gunman was being kicked out of his home after missing several payments. >>> news now, the holiday shopping season is fast approaching. a price war could be in the works that lead to big savings. but financial experts say it might back fire we'll explain. the obama administration coming under fire for the response to the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. why members was congress say their questions are going unanswered. that includes john herman cain. >>> it is either willful deception or incompetence and failur
is claiming responsibility for the flyers in the city of eagle rock but a los angeles city councilman has asked the city attorney's office to see if any action can be taken. >> it's a mystery that who sent it out. it's weird. >> officials say they don't believe the flyer has anything to do with the record voter turn out. one candidate has file a complaint. >> time is running out if you need to register to vote. monday is the deadline. applications by approximate mail must be post marked no later than monday. if you register online it must be submitted before midnight. >>> in napa voter also have to pay for posta ge. if they live in a precinct with a poll station will have to pay a 65-cent stamp. the office will bill the county for the difference if they are mailed with a regular stamp. >> jesse jackson honored for his record on civil right. barbara lee was among the guests at last night's fund raiser for jackson's coalition. >> that's why congressional black caucus and other members have nominated him for the peace prize. >> he also spoke about the upcoming election and the importa
-year-old. they were in los angeles and when she was eight years old, her parents put her and her 3-year-old brother on a train by themselves to go back from los angeles to chicago. there she continued to be mistreated by her grandparents until finally she was able to get off on her own and went to work as a secretary in a factory. a lace curtain factory president owner of the factory was hugh and he married dorothy. hugh was gruff, he was strong, he didn't communicate very well, he frequently had vicious arguments which he wife which he spoke disparagingly and got eye abusive toward her. he was not that nice to his own children. one example is that as a child left the top off the tooth paste jar, the tube in the bedroom, he would take that tooth paste top throw it in snow and make the child find it. it was not someone whom you felt warmly toward. and basically discoure think was the person, hilary's mother who essentially sustained her. sustain sustainedder in three ways. she was an active mained death. she wanted her to go to the methodist youth fellowship she met a young pastor named
altura en puerto rico y las temperaturas máximas 60 calorcito en san antonio, los angeles nubocidad y regreso a mira quién baila así que ahí los espero y cuándo termine el programa pueden informarse en el sitio web. >> y un programa bien distinto tendremos este domingo. >> y una gran jugada ocurrió en este juego a 77 yardas de distancia. >> y arranca la jornada 14 y arrancamos con quién estará fuera de las canchas. >> gerardo torrado se lesiona nuevamente y se evaluara su lesion >> el bigoton no esta seguro como líder, los potros ocupan el lugar 14 y parece imposible que mejores. >> el refuerzo felino ni siquiera entró en la preparación y no viajo >> y rumbo a la hexagonal final los estados unidos generan dudas >> el consejo mundial entre garcia y morales sigue en pie a pesar de los exámenes anti dopaje >> y cerramos con la pelota caliente los tigers de detroit avanzan y los yankees fueron barridos por primera vez en la pre temporada desde hace 30 años. >> regreso con ustedes chicas feliz fin de semana. >> y un mapache fue atacado por un grupo de simios donde los lanzaron
discovered only two years ago off the los angeles coast. >> pretty good. >> yes. >> it gives new mean together phrase pedal power. >> the device supposed to >>> as battle tight yenz we're seeing an effort to go after a group of voters. mark matthews is here now with the story its a big grp. and faveors democratic candidates. >> more concerned about the air. in the air war it's been all about women. >> voted for president obama last time. we just can't afford and this game in from the obama campaign. >> and roev wade was overturned. >> let me say it, i'd be tealited to sign that bill. >> the political action group move on piled on. >> he said he'd overturn roev wade. >> the president spoke in a woman's health event. >> i woman deserves equal p for equal work. >> mitt romney appears to be closing the traditional gender gap. abc news polling puts the presiden up by nine points but when you look at how that stacks up against romney's predecessors the gap looks pretty good against john mccain's 13% gap. laura peter is the head of the volunteer effort. >> i think women today are more and mo
. this is for the los angeles police department which was built on an old citrus grove. and here i circumstance um navigate both the auditorium with an a diesed laser etched anadized panel. it brings back the notion of the landscape that was once there. the glass curtain wall has mylar orange archival circles on it. at certain times of the day, kind of a low tech transformation of kind of a lyrical day of oranges kind of falling. this is the vitrius bench i did for millennium towers on mission street. and it's a cast resin bench in the shape of an elipse that's lit with led and embedded with cast acornses to respond to the glass wall in the back there, which is a glass with the image of an oak grove. these are some past projects that have been completed. and i talk about 474 natoma. i plan to work on the eight-story elevator shaft. the name of the piece is called global garden. it's comprised of ombre panels. we bring you a sample right there so you can actually see what the material is. it's a very innovative new material that is comprised of a set of pixels that are raised which catch the light
to a survival trip. check this out. it happened just north of los angeles. a 50-year-old woman walking her dogs this morning when she surprised a black bear and her cub. the bear turned on her, scratched her several times, knocked her down, but lost interest after the woman played dead. the bear circled around, sniffed her a few times and took off. >> i'm not surprised. there's lots of bears around here. i've seen them. i've never had any issues. >> the state fish and game authorities say the bear poses a threat to humans, and if they catch it, they'll put it down. there have been 15 confirmed bear attacks in california since 1980. >>> stolen bikes are usually gone for good, but that may not be true anymore. cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook shows us the new way to track them down, no matter where they end up. >> reporter: if you plan on navigating the city on two wheels, don't get too attached. >> ever have your bike stolen? >> in san francisco, yes, a couple of times. >> reporter: according to sfpd, 630 bikes were reported stolen last year. >> probably 630 since we started talking. >> reporter: t
acting director huey deputy sweeney and chief henchon as we sat with six top staff from the los angeles building department who visited san francisco to learn about our procedures and code enforcements and inspects and plan review we discussed earlier in the last item. * inspections at the recommendation of acting director huey, we will be establishing a new committee to recognize and award outstanding dbi employees on a quarterly or annual basis. an initial organizational session was held yesterday and i was there. vice president mar was there. i was pleased to be part of this new committee. other members include emilie morrison and jeffery mar and bill strawn. it was a good discussion and as i joke with bill in good fashion, we find issues we want to address first before we can agree on it. we'll have another meeting and the goal here is to have this program in place here starting next year and do it on a quarterly basis. i think it will be a very, very good policy to have in place to recognize all the -- particularly the people in the dbi family who are doing a great job and recogn
to million-dollar contract. numb two. from los angeles signed a contract this year at ending $240 mlion over 10 years. number one. biggest contract goes to al rodriguez. 10 year contact worth $275 million. e yankees still o 114 million. he went three/25 in postseason. in 2001 he signed today 2 million contract with fed texas rangers. he was traded eiht years ago. i should have ben a baseball player. by a milons of ollars are spent on flat screen tvs and waterfalls. the president and rney tried to include women voters. are they being pandered? ann couter tells us next.@ ann couter tells us next.@ ♪ [ that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover erything.. only about 80% of your part b mical expense e rest is up to you. so consider an aarmedicare supplement insurance plan, likell standardized medicare supplement plans, they pick up some of what medicare doesn't pay. and save you up to thousds of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. call tay t to request a free decision ide to help you better understand what medicare is all about. and which aarp medicare supplement pl works best for you. with these t
to thworld series. nine year, to defer to million-dollar contract. numb two. from los angeles signed a contracthis year at ending $240 mlion over 10 years. number one. biggescontract goes o al rodriguez. 10 year contactworh $275 million. e yankees still o 114 million. he went three/25 in postason. in 2001 he signed today 2 million coract with fed texas rangers. he s traded eiht years ago. i should hav ben a baseball player. by a milons of ollars are spent on flat scen tvs and waterfalls. the president and rney tried to include women voters are they being pandered? are they being pandered? ♪nn outer tells us next.@ i'm a conservative investor. i invest in what i know. i turned 65 last week. i'm geing married. planning a life. there are risks, sure. but, ther's no reward without it. i want to be prepared for the long haul.ure. i see a world bursng with opportunities. india, china, brazil, small-caps, large-caps, ishares. industrials. low cost. every dollar counts. ishares. income. dividends. bonds. di ke bonds. isres. commodities. diversification. choices. own ideas. ishare i want to
: dominic di-natale in los angeles. thanks. >> heather: a milestone in libya. marking a year since the death of leader muammar gaddafi. we are learning new information on the deadly terror attack in libya last month on the consulate that killed four americans. greg palkot is streaming live for us from benghazi, libya. greg? >> heather, that is right. a year since the capture and killing of gaddafi. struggling to get control of things. we have confirmed in the past. couple of hours, long time spokesman for the late dictator has been arrested to the south of trippi. he has been on the run for more than a year. the birthplace of revolution. they express concerns to me as well. >> i am happy. so happy because gaddafi is dead now. >> problems that still have the guns. collect all the guns. >> bitter. >> the attack on the consulate that left them dead sign of ongoing visibility here. the main residence burned out. smell the smoke from the fire by the mob and see signs of desperation. hand print on a wall. it was ransacked. credible eyewitness told us the mob marched the compound on the night of th
in the unsolved murder and kidnapping that gripped the country. dominic di-natale is live in los angeles. >> this is potentially an important break-through here. little evidence coming in before now. all we had is her backpack left on the sidewalk two days after she went missing. this is a miniature celtic cross, inch-and-a-half across and one inch down. markings that look to be done by hand. we'll show you that. this is at the scene. only the killer and the police know for now. the authorities think a charm that was worn by jessica's killer. >> gregg: the question is -- >> there were different designs and patterns. we weren't able to find one that had a replication of these unique characteristics. or markings. >> a question here is whether the authority can really rely on the public to come forward. if they know a person who is wearing or handling something that distinct. it could give a lot away. it could help with another development we have seen in jessica's case here. link between the murder and attempted obduction of 22-year-old woman in may. it happened when she was jogging near a
. like in los angeles our commercials are about kim kardashian and her boob jobs. what is it like for presidential elections. >> i get sick of the phone calls. 20 a day. >> 20 phone calls a day. >> about that. >> i don't get 20 regular phone calls in a month. i should move to ohio. >> personally, i don't care who you're going to vote for as long as it's not romney. >> aren't we biased. >> why would you say that? >> because you're from l.a. >> forcible rape. >> how can you support that. >> i wish i lived in new york because it's not a swing state. >> are you a family? >> um, she's a close friend to me and my wife. and she had an opportunity to come to the rally in parma. >> she's a close friend. she's a close friend of your wife. did i catch you guys in the middle of something embarrassing? maybe i should not put that on tv. is there trouble? cut, cut cut. >> no, i'm with greg. >> i like you pretended you didn't know his name. >> keep ohio jobs in ohio. >> vote early. >> totally is a pain in the ass. everybody's mind was set up. everybody that tells you that i'm undecided is balone
.s. bank tower in los angeles. >> major cool down today across parts of the bay area, across the entire region. these numbers down a good 10 to 20 degrees from yesterday. 60s and 70s on board from this afternoon. overnight tonight, the clouds will be on the increase once again. low clouds and fog. right around the bay. with that partly to mostly cloudy skies. becoming partly cloudy but the cool down will continue. on track to reach the 70s. big game for tomorrow. partly cloudy skies. a bit of a breeze with temperatures in the mid 60s. 65 for kick off at 12:00. cooling will continue for the remainder of the weekend. the one part of the weekend could be dodging a few sprinkles. real storms push back into northern california. >> the historic claremont hotel and spa may once again be on the market. could be auctioned november 8th. the claremont is a billion dollar bankruptcy proceeding. the 279 room report is two years shy of 100th birthday. the current owner bought the claremont and four other properties about two years ago. >> missing south bay teenager turned 16 today. how friends and fa
professor at the university of colorado. and in los angeles odds maker wayne road who correctly predicted the 2004 election. who is going to win on november 6th and how do you know? >> well, i will tell you what, i'm a gut instinct guy, bill. i have been saying since i put out my commentary in may that romney would win by a landslide. by the way let me point out in december i made my new years prediction and i said mitt romney would win the republic nomination in a cake walk and at the time he was doing badly to pretty much every single person running and i said he would go on to win the election. it was in mathay made the determination that i felt a landslide was coming and i doubled down here on fox news and other polices around the country about two weeks agoened said it will in fact be electoral landslide. 5 to 7 points popular vote and 100 to 120 electoral vote for mitt romney. >> bill: you know the polls don't say that. what is it? do you have a magic ball? do you have ms. clio in the basement? you have got to give me one thing that is making you so confident. >> well, i think it's
's a beautiful movie. >> it's pretty extraordinary. "the sessions" opens in new york and los angeles today. >> we're excited to have you two. >> the oscar buzz -- >> isn't that fun? >> you've won one, you've been nominated. we just say good luck to you. >> all right, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >>> coming up next, sara haines is going across the street. >> to do the side step and get the questions we want to answer. we sidestep them all the time, we never tell the truth. hoda does. >> stop talking. please, stop talking. plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. thanks. [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! [ male announcer ] try new alka-seltzer plus severe allergy to treat allergy symptom
about in the first weather, in the pacific northwest. 48 by monday in seattle. down to 65 monday. los angeles drops into the 60s as we go into the week, as well. >> this weather report was brought to you by citibank. >> you're not just handling weather this morning. you also were hanging out with valerie bertinelli, as well. is that true? >> i have. meeting her was just great. >>> valerie bertinelli is not only making people laugh in "hot in cleveland." but she put together a cookbook, "one dish at a time." playing off the title of the show that made her famous. thank you for being here. we have to start with you looking absolutely fantastic. >> okay, fine. thank you very much. >> a very public weight loss. we have pictures of you in a bathing suit. we can't not show this in television. >> right. >> you look wonderful. >> thank you. >> i was reading through the cookbook, and this isn't a diet book. >> no. there are foods that are healthier choices than others. but that's not how i lead my life any longer. it's not all about diet and saying you can't have something. as long as you don'
francisco goes from 66 today down to 65 monday. los angeles drops into the 60s as we go into the week, as well. >> this weather report was brought to you by citibank. >>> ginger does not only the weather this morning. but she also hangs around with celebrities, including valerie bertinelli. >> so exciting. i really have always wanted to meet her. the star who, of course, is "hot in cleveland." has now put together a cookbook "one dish at a time." playing off the name of the classic sitcom that made her famous. thank you for being here. we have to start with you looking absolutely fantastic. >> okay, fine. thank you very much. >> a very public weight loss. we have pictures of you in a bathing suit. we can't not show this in television. >> right. >> you look wonderful. >> thank you. >> i was reading through the cookbook, and this isn't a diet book. >> no. there are foods that are healthier choices than others. but that's not how i lead my life any longer. it's not all about diet and saying you can't have something. as long as you don't overindulge in some of these recipes, you're fine.
-old denver area youngster. a small wooden cross could lead them to her killer. we're joined live from los angeles with more on the investigation. dominic, what can you tell us? >> it's a tiny but intriguing and potentially pivotal clue into who killed jessica ridgeway on her way to school. overnight, police in westminster, colorado, revealed details of a wooden crews fix found in a location known only to the killer. the cross on the screen is an inch and a half tall, one inch across with a hole drilled so it could have been worn as a necklace. one side of the center crossbar, three bars vertically and a zigzag which is unique to the pendant. >> we feel or believe that it may have been dropped or left behind by the killer. and because of the unique characteristics of it on both sides having different etching or describing, we want the public to look at that, believing somebody may end up calling with a tip, providing additional information, they knew somebody who had one recently. >> the authorities say it's definitely not jessica as and they want to hear from the public about anyone they
a visit to the campus of someone named frank wilkinson who had been a housing official in los angeles and had been called to testify before the house un-american activities committee and refused. wilkinson was going to come to the campus and give a speech. certain people were very unhappy about this. this memo summarizes that and we see on the last page hoover's handwriting and his characteristic jagged score all, he writes i am absolutely opposed to this crowd of bleeding hearts at berkeley using the fbi to get off the hook. i know kerr is no good and i doubt the vice chancellor, is. that to me was an astonishing document. here was the head of the nation's largest law enforcement agency saying very bluntly that the head of his leading public university and one of the most eminent educators in america was rotten to the court essentially. is reflected the fbi's view of clark kerr. >> later intervened with lyndon johnson when he was considering clark kerr for a cabinet. >> he did. what led up to that in 1961, in 1964 the free speech movement erupted at uc-berkeley. students including ma
there was a revelation in los angeles that the republican national committee had been entertaining its donors add a lesbian bondage themed strip club. for the party of family values, that did not work well. they could not raise a dime, and this gave rove his opening, and so in april, he had a lunch chon at his -- luncheon at his house in washington, d.c. on weaver terrace, hosted by the former chair of the rnc, had two dozen people over, and came away with tens and tens of millions of dollars, and that luncheon alone gave them four times as much money as the entire republican party so rovefuls effectively establishing an apparatus that gave him an enormous amount of power and authority with almost no responsibility. he reported to no one. he had his hands on the purse strings ling to the 2010 elections, raising a total of $300 million, and swept congress. they took 63 seats in the house, and suddenly obama's big advantage was gone. he had no real authority. this money, so the question is what did he do with the money? it's not what is he going to do with the money, but it's going in the battlegro
the democratic mayor of los angeles and the chair of charlotte's democratic convention, antonio villaraigosa. welcome, mr. mayor. >> lakes, great to be with you again. >> so glad to have you here. you're my hometown marry even though i live in new york. let's talk about a busy day for you. you have an early vote block party this afternoon as well as the keynote address to the jefferson jackson day dinner tonight. what is your main message? >> well, the main message is that there's a big difference between president obama who wants to take the country forward and mr. romney who wants to repeal the 20th century when you hear him speak on issues whether it's the voting rights act and all these voter suppression bills that they're doing, whether it's a women's right to choose and contraception, this is a party that wants to take america back. and i think the president wants to take us forward. that's what we're going to talk about. we're going talk about the importance of voting, the importance of early voting, of course, and how important iowa is to the nation. >> how about voters in general? w
on to friday from los angeles, california. caller: i do not think they do matter. people believe what they want to believe. i remember when my political philosophy changed. i said, now, all people have to do is find out about free enterprise and how it works. people will realize it is the way to go. no. politics is almost like a religious belief to some people. you can point out any facts he went to and they will ignore them. i will admit that comes from both sides. people do not vote on facts, they vote on the motion. the vote on some kind of family tradition or racial or religious tradition for whatever reasons jews vote democrats. i wish facts did matter, but most people do not care. host: what facts do you think they're being ignored? caller: when you make regulations on an economy and pretend that will not hurt the economy. when you put regulations to the point that if bankers make a loan and the loans did not work out and people lose their money, not only will you go bankrupt, but you might actually go to jail. do you not think that will have an effect on people making loans? you just ign
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